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One of the best things about the user interface of Windows 10 is that there is an option to switch between system-wide Dark or Light themes. What makes it best is that it addresses the preference of two types of people all over the world. Dark and Light themes are at the two ends of a spectrum and the option to switch between these two themes is most welcome.

However, in order to get the best visual appeal, the apps that you use should also be able to switch between Light and Dark modes. Most apps in the Microsoft Store already supports this. But only a handful of the apps outside the Store supports Dark mode. If you are not a fan of Microsoft’s Edge browser, then you have no option of using another browser with a dark mode because the most popular web browsers do not have a Dark mode. Until now.

Mozilla Firefox is embracing the Dark

Firefox Nightly recently took to Twitter to say that they have started to respect the Dark mode in Windows 10.

This means that if you have selected the Dark theme in your Windows Settings, then Firefox will automatically change to its Dark theme. Of course, if you use the Light theme, you would have the normal light interface that Firefox always had.

But some people prefer to use a custom theme with Firefox browser. In that case, Firefox will not switch to the Dark theme, even if you are using the Dark theme in your Windows settings. This will keep Firefox the way you like it.

The feature is now available in Firefox Nightly. In case you didn’t know, Firefox Nightly is a pre-release version of Firefox browser. It is used by Firefox developers as a version of Firefox to store code to merge all the codes that they wrote recently. If it is satisfying, then the new codes will reach the beta and developer versions of Firefox. This means that Firefox Nightly can only be used for experimental purposes. So if you want to try this feature for yourself, you can download Firefox Nightly by clicking here.

It is not clear as to when the feature will reach the stable versions, but if things go well we could see it sooner than later. Firefox is the second most popular browser in the desktop followed by Google Chrome. It is funny when you think that even with a market share of almost 60%, Google still hasn’t enabled Dark mode in Chrome.

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