Continue on PC extension

With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in 2017, Microsoft added a new feature called Continue on PC. This allows users to resume web browsing and other sessions on PC from where you left off on your smartphone. In simple words, you can forward activities such as websites, searches and articles to instantly open on your PC.

The feature works best with Microsoft services. For example, you can download Edge browse on your Android and resume web browsing on your PC.

A developer has coded a new extension that adds support for both Windows 10 Timeline and Continue on PC to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Now the developer, Domonic Maas, has progressed his work even further and brought in support for Project Rome to his extension. This will allow users to easily pass a tab to the Chrome browser on another device, without having to go back into your shared history. See it demoed in his video below.

Continue on PC for Chrome

The feature will allow users to forward a tab to the Chrome browser on another Windows 10 device but it appears that it doesn’t work with smartphones.

“Continue browsing on another device quickly by ‘pushing’ your current active tab to other devices sharing the same Microsoft Account,” the developer explains.

You can download extension for Google Chrome from here and the Firefox users can download the addon from here.

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