Skype UWP for Windows 10

Microsoft is finally putting the focus entirely on the Skype UWP client that can be installed from the Store, and the software giant today announced a new update for Skype UWP, which can be tested on by Insiders. The new Skype experience comes with best in class calling experience, improved interface and much more.

Microsoft says that the new Skype app comes with new calling features and the calling experience is better than ever before. You can also customize the group call experience, you’ll be able to drag and drop people between the call canvas.

Microsoft is also allowing the users to capture images or screenshots called snapshots of important moments within a call. Microsoft says that the feature is useful for those who don’t want to forget important memories. You can also start screen sharing easily during the calls.

You can find the other changes below:

  • New layout – Based on your feedback, we’ve made your contacts easier to access and view.
  • Customizable themes – Choose a color and theme for your Skype client through your application settings.
  • And much more – Improvements to our media gallery, notifications panel, @mentions experience and more.

The updated version of Skype preview for Windows 10 also comes with bug fixes and improvements. The new experience of Skype on Windows 10 is much better than ever before and you can try it now by joining the Insider program.

  • YeahRrright

    Still kicking that dead horse… This is animal cruelty. Just put it 6 feet under already, or better yet, cremate it and spread the ashes.

    • M Rankin

      OK now you’re just trolling.
      they reconfirm their commitment to Skype UWP
      even saying there will be more updates frequently
      Now let it go.

      • YeahRrright

        No, that is what I really think, they can promise all the support they want, the facts remain the same. It looks ugly, it works sporadically and MSFT doesn’t have a solid vision for Skype. They don’t know who the target audience is, they try to add bells and whistles to it, then they remove it, then the apps for different platforms look different. It’s just not good.