Windows 10 April 2018 Update and Avast
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Windows 10 updates are rolled out gradually. All users will not get the update at the same time. It depends on the region and device of the user. For some users, it might even take months to get the update on their devices. The reason for this phased release is that it allows Microsoft to get feedback from a particular set of users and systems so that they can avoid any potential issues from reaching a bigger audience. While a smooth and bug-free update is always preferred, users who keep track of latest Windows updates will always want the updates to reach them quickly.

Windows 10 April 2018 update was first available from April 30th onwards. But only a few devices got it on the first day and the users had to manually check for updates in order to install the new OS. However, the official release of the update started rolling out in waves from May 8th. One and a half months have passed and now the update is available to all compatible Windows 10 devices.

If your device is compatible, then the update will be downloaded automatically in the background, unless you have disabled it. After the download is complete a reboot is required to install the update.

This is the first time Microsoft managed to provide a worldwide rollout in such a small time interval. Microsoft claims that they got all the help from AI which they used to find bugs and other issues. This enabled them to prevent update installations in affected systems. There were some issues with the update. It’s worth mentioning that fewer users faced issues while installing updates this time.

But the good thing is that Microsoft has fixed all the problems the users faced while installing the update in such a short time. This can only mean that future Windows 10 updates will have a faster worldwide launch.

If you still haven’t received an update notification, chances are that your device is not compatible, but it’s highly unlikely. You can make sure if you are on the Windows 10 April 2018 update by checking the version number which is 1803 for this update.

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