Intel Tiger Rapids with dual screen
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We already know that Microsoft and the partners are working on foldable devices with Windows 10, but a report yesterday claimed that Intel is also working on a similar prototype. We know that dual-screen Windows 10 PCs is the next big thing, and it would create a new category of 2-in-1s.

Intel Tiger Rapids is a prototype of a folding Windows 10 PC, and it appears to be as innovative as the rumoured Microsoft Andromeda. Intel’s prototype Windows 10 device would inspire other OEMs to build similar devices with their processor, and interestingly, Intel’s prototype can get 13-15 hours of battery life.

Intel Tiger Rapids comes with an interesting display setup. The display on the right side uses electronic paper and it comes with a 7.9-inch LCD display on the left side. Of course, there’s also a hinge in between the two sides. The hinge apparently makes the device foldable and modular.

The Tiger Rapids is powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake processor. On the other hand, the SSD and RAM amount are unknown.

YouTube video

A new video published on YouTube shows off the Intel Tiger Rapids in action. It gives us a closer look at the features of the Windows 10-powered dual-screen PC. The device has necessary outputs including USB C port for connectivity. Of course, it also supports WiFi and other features that you may find on a full-fledged laptop.

Intel is saying that the device can get 13-15 hours of battery life.

At the same event, Intel also unveiled a traditional PC with dual-screen setup and it’s an AI-based PC.

It’s an unnamed prototype device that can be used in multiple orientations, and interestingly, the UI would expand across both screens, for example, you’ll be able to use the Microsoft Excel in full screen as the app expands across to both displays. The AI technology will predict where exactly you’ll want a keyboard to appear. You’ll be also able to use the device in tent mode.

It’s just a prototype device, and of course, Intel won’t bring the prototypes to market themselves. The chipmaker Intel was working on the prototype devices since 2015 and the chipmaker will be providing the design concept to select partners.

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