Lenovo Yoga Book 2
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Lenovo today at Computex in Taipei unveiled the second-generation Yoga Book with improved technology. Lenovo Yoga Book 2 was briefly displayed, and the company hasn’t yet detailed the hardware and design changes. The laptop is expected to hit the stores later this year, and it’ll be powered by Intel’s latest processor.

Back in 2016, the PC maker Lenovo unveiled the first Yoga Book with dual-screen, and it was more than your typical convertible device. The laptop featured a digital keyboard, which was entirely a touch panel and completely flat. Lenovo replaced the traditional mechanical keyboard with a pressure-sensitive touch keyboard dubbed “Create Pad”. The Halo keyboard also had backlit technology with haptic feedback.

Lenovo Yoga Book 2 also features dual-display panels with touch support. It has a virtual keyboard, so you can type on it and draw with a stylus.

The company has worked hard to integrate an enhanced inking experience, and it’s likely that Lenovo will be also bundling the Pen (stylus) for creativity.

By the looks of things, Lenovo Yoga Book 2 will be powered by a ‘higher performance Intel CPU’, which could be the Whiskey Lake U series and Amber Lake Y series of processors. Both of the processors are thin and designed to run fanless.

As we only got a brief sneak peek at the second generation Yoga Book, the other details such as screen size, chipset, and everything else is still unknown.

Two new Lenovo devices, namely Lenovo Pen Pro and YogaBook2 Pro also appeared on Bluetooth SIG website last week, confirming that the Yoga Book 2 is in the works.

Lenovo Yoga Book 2 certification
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Lenovo offered the first-generation Yoga Book in both Android and Windows 10 flavours. The original model had a 10-inch touchscreen display, Intel Atom processor, coupled up with 4GB of RAM.

The original model with Windows 10 retailed for $650, and the company later released a budget-friendly version for $299, so we’d expect similar pricing this year.

Interestingly, Lenovo is also working on Yoga Book 3 and it’ll be unveiled next year. Would you be interested in a Lenovo Yoga Book 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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