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Microsoft last month rolled out an update for Windows 10’s Paint 3D app. The update introduced a special effect in the ribbon that basically pops up the text from under the icons. The other changes were bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft is today rolling out another update for Paint 3D, and it improves the file saving experience. It’s a minor but an important change. Microsoft shipped Paint 3D app version 4.1805.15037.0, which revamps the file saving interface that basically includes more options when saving files.

This is certainly a user-friendly interface that should have been there from the very beginning. You can easily select the format of the output file. It’s a good feature and the Paint 3D is almost on par with third-party editors.

Furthermore, Microsoft is allowing users to change the photo dimensions, and the options will help you easily select length and width. You can also enable transparency in PNG photos and maintain aspect ratio.

Microsoft is rolling out the new and improved version of Windows 10 Paint 3D for the users enrolled in the Windows Insider program. The update is expected to launch for everyone else in the coming weeks.

The update also includes bug fixes and Microsoft has enhanced the app with minor improvements.

By the looks of things, Microsoft is finally advancing the Paint 3D app for Windows 10 and it might soon become a decent photo editor with more advanced options for creativity. The focus is of course still on 3D content, but the company also wants to provide users with photo editing tools.

Microsoft introduced Paint 3D app with the Windows 10 Creators Update, and while the software giant has stopped updating the classic Paint app, Microsoft has guaranteed that the original version would live on.

In other words, Microsoft will continue to ship the classic Paint app and the software giant is now offering it in the Store for anyone who wants to continue using it.

You can download the Paint 3D app from the Microsoft Store, but to do so, your PC must be enrolled in the Windows Insider program.

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