Twitter PWA for Windows 10

Last month, Twitter made their new Progressive Web App (PWA) for Windows 10 official and confirmed that they are still committed to Microsoft’s desktop platform. Twitter today in a series of tweets announced that they are updating the Windows 10 app with support for night mode and more.

Twitter for Windows 10 has been updated with night mode feature, ️real time updates on reply, Retweet, and like counts, and a new Tweet compose box.

The update for Twitter is finally bringing the Windows 10 app inline with the features found in the native apps on iOS and Android.

What’s new in the latest update for Twitter PWA

  • You can now switch to night mode for all that midnight scrolling.
  • The reply, Retweet, and like counts now update in real time.
  • The new Tweet compose box has been designed to allow you to move more easily between your Tweet and timeline.

Interestingly, the dark theme in Twitter PWA for Windows 10 will be enabled automatically if you’re using dark mode system-wide. The new Tweet compose box has been redesigned to appear as a popup box rather than a dedicated page that overlays the timeline.

Twitter has also improved the performance of the PWA on Windows 10. It is also worth noting that the above-mentioned changes are also available on Twitter’s web version, Android and iOS apps.

“This release represents a renewed commitment to Windows that has been long overdue and is part of a longer-term strategy to reach greater feature parity to all of our platforms. We wanted to make sure the app represented a modern Twitter experience while taking advantage of unique Windows features,” Twitter said last month.

  • Jorge Roman


    • M Rankin


      • YeahRrright

        but notifications there don’t work

        • M Rankin

          I think he was referring more to the night mode
          in real time tweets updates.
          the notifications work on PC
          sometimes sporadically.
          Here’s a fix that I found works well
          going to settings /notifications turn off the Twitter
          notification restart PC turn on twitter notification should be go to go
          twitter still is working out the kinks

          • YeahRrright

            I said that notifications are not working on mobile, cause on windows phone there are no service porkers that are doing it. On PC there are a whole bunch of other problems with twitter PWA, but its a different story

          • M Rankin

            Well, you didn’t say that.
            But Yes, it is because it missing service workers Support
            push message won’t come even though their support for it

          • YeahRrright

            OMG, on wat planet are you living? It will never come to Windows phone. It is dead. I still use it cause I do not want to switch to android or ios, but the platform is dead. Devs are running away as rats from the sinking ship. MSFT doesnt 2 *ts about it. So I will use my Lumia 950xl till it dies. Then I will replace a battery in my Lumia 1520 and use that till it dies (and since it was Nokia, that will be like 3-4 more years). By that time either we all will die in nuclear apocalypse or suffocate from pollution.

          • M Rankin

            I wouldn’t say it not possible probably very little effort to back Port to mobile.

            the apps I use daily are getting plenty of updates or work just fine so I’m not really Concerned about apps. ally mobile recently got updated to UWP