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Many people have criticized Microsoft for focusing more on enterprises, but it appears that the company has actually managed to improve its perception score among consumers, according to a data offered by YouGov. The study claims that the consumers aged 18-34 would use cloud-based storage more than those aged 35+, and this is helping Microsoft as it focuses on more on cloud services.

“Young people are also more likely to have confidence in the technology: 52% say they trust that using cloud storage is just as secure as saving information on their computer or phone, compared to 39% of Americans aged 35 or older,” the research shows,” YouGov explains.

The cloud services are quite appealing to younger customers, and this has helped Microsoft reach the highest perception score in the month of April in the United States. Microsoft also appears to be targeting Apple with its cloud services in this particular segment.

“At the same time, Microsoft admirers are also less likely to agree that people only worry about personal data on the internet if they have something to hide (20% vs. 24%),” YouGov says.

Needless to say, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft is winning in the consumer segment. In the past few years, the decision made by Microsoft has caused a stir among the loyal fans.

It’s been the Microsoft Azure and other cloud services and that has driven Microsoft’s growth. Ever since Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft, the software giant has left the smartphone business. Similarly, Microsoft also discontinued the Band wearable series and Groove Music.

Microsoft’s decision to kill Windows Phone and Groove Music was one of the biggest sign that the company is shifting its focus away from consumers to enterprises segment.

Microsoft Surface lineup which has long been considered a direct rival to the iPad Pro could help the company in the consumer segment. Microsoft is already competing against Apple in the 2-in-1 market, and the company is also working on low-cost Surface Tablets for under $400. The long-rumoured mythical foldable device called Andromeda could also help the software giant in the consumer segment.

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