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It looks like Microsoft is working on yet another new version of Windows 10, and this time, they’re removing some applications and programs to reduce the size of the operating system. Microsoft could introduce new desktop operating system currently called “Windows 10 Lean” this fall. Windows 10 Lean could be yet another stripped-down version of the platform and it won’t come with unnecessary packages such as Registry Editor.

The Build developer conference could be the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to unveil its new operating system. The installer of Windows 10 Lean is shipping with Build 17650 for the Skip Ahead Ring as part of the Windows Insider program. Microsoft has removed most of the junk from Windows 10 to reduce the size of Lean, and it is 2GB smaller than the Pro version, needless to say, the new operating system seems to be heavily cut down.

Less junk, more space – Is Windows 10 Lean for affordable devices?

The apps like Registry Editor are missing but it could be manually installed. What Microsoft is trying to achieve with Lean is a stripped down version of Windows 10 for affordable devices such as a tablet. Lean isn’t Windows RT or its successor, Windows 10 Lean is basically a smaller version of Windows with less junk, as a result, it can be installed on devices with storage of 16GB. The users will be always allowed to install the apps such as Registry Editor.

In terms of features, Lean is more or less Windows 10 Pro as it doesn’t come with any restrictions regarding Win32 software installation or UWP apps. While some believe that Windows 10 Lean could be part of the Windows 10 S or Windows Core OS projects, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Windows 10 Lean is already in the testing stage and it is 2GB smaller in size as compared to Windows 10 Pro, but Microsoft has not removed features to reduce the size of the operating system.

Windows 10 Lean is for devices with 16GB storage

Windows 10 Lean could be particularly aimed at tablets and notebooks that come with only 16GB storage. In other words, Windows 10 Lean could be launched with affordable hardware like tablets and small notebooks. It might be possible that Lean could be Microsoft’s take on affordable Chromebook hardware, and no compromise in terms of functionality is a plus point.

Microsoft is finally ditching Internet Explorer with Windows 10 Lean and it makes sense as the company is trying to make the operating system as slim as possible. Windows 10 Lean would continue getting updates like Windows 10 Pro, and the operating system would not grow in size with every feature updates. The devices with Windows 10 Lean will be always supported and updated whenever a new release is available.

Windows 10 Lean Release Date

Windows 10 Lean could be released by end of the year, along with the Redstone 5 update. Needless to say, Windows 10 Lean is still in early days and Microsoft has not confirmed the new version of operating system yet. Microsoft is only shipping preview builds of Windows 10 Lean as part of the Windows Insider program.

It is, however, worth noting that Microsoft is yet to announce Windows 10 Lean and everything could still change overnight. What do you think about Windows 10 Lean? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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