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Microsoft released Windows 10 KB4093112 a couple of days ago and it appears to be causing some issues on a number of systems. While the cumulative updates are supposed to fix bugs, Windows 10 KB4093112 is nothing more than a nightmare for some users as the new update fails to install. It is worth noting that Microsoft has not acknowledged the bug yet.

The users pointing to such bugs is growing at a worrying rate and by the looks of things, it is a widespread problem affecting a number of systems.

Windows 10 KB4093112 is not installing

Microsoft is, however, saying that the company is only aware of just one issue that causes Windows Update to incorrectly report that the installation of the cumulative update has failed. While the users claim there’s more than false installation error. A number of users are reporting that KB4093112 is another botched updates and it fails to install with a common error.

A user claims that the KB4093112 will install, reboot and after few seconds, the system fails to load hard drives. The user further explains that it could more than 5 minutes to reboot the system. Microsoft is yet to acknowledge any such issue at the time of writing this story. The symptoms are pretty much the same as for the previous cumulative updates.

Windows 10 KB4093112 Installation Errors: 0x800f081f, 0x800f0900 and 0x80070bc2

In a post on Microsoft forum, the user says that Windows 10 KB4093112 fails to install with error code 0x800f081f, while some user says the update ends up with error code 0x800f0900. Furthermore, a number of users are claiming that the latest update for Windows 10 operating system is stuck in a loop and reboots does not help. Many users are saying the update pushed the system into an infinite reboot loop after attempting to update Windows 10.

The cumulative updates installation are failing with most common error and it appears to be forcing the system into a reboot loop before offering the update once again. While most of the users have actually managed to install the update, but after installing the update, the Start menu is no longer working and the taskbar is broken, as a result, the pinned apps and start menu do not open when clicked.

Windows 10 cumulative updates have failed to install for quite some time now, but the Windows 10 KB4093112 installation issue is very widespread. You can always recover Windows 10 and reinstall the operating system if the update breaks anything. Are you able to install the latest version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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