Microsoft launched its default web browser for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge in 2015. Since then the company has been trying to make sure that people start using the company’s Edge browser.

In spite of all the efforts by the company, the Edge browser hasn’t been able to garner enough market share as compared to its competitors Firefox and Google Chrome. The Edge browser currently holds 5% of the market share in the browser category.

Lot of users had complains that Microsoft only released new features or improvements to its Edge browser along with OS updates. The company also planned to release the Edge as a separate app so that it would get regular updates, the idea which was later shelved by the company.

Hence to improve the market share Microsoft has now announced that its Windows 10 browser Microsoft Edge will be supporting Variable Fonts. The Variable Fonts enable typography rendering, meaning it will allow developers to use the same font with different looks.

The developers will be able to manage the fonts by modifying the weight and width of the fonts. The company is currently testing the Variable Fonts with Insider Preview Builds with its availability being made available with the Windows 10 build 17120.

If everything goes well at the testing stage then the company plans to release the Variable Fonts broadly with the release of its next major Windows 10 update Redstone 4 which is expected to be released next month, April 2018.

The support of Variable Fonts in the Edge browser is another try of Microsoft to improve and increase the market share and get more people to start using the default Windows 10 browser, Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is however expected to make more improvements to the Variable Fonts based on the feedback’s given by the Insiders before it pushes it out to the general public with Redstone 4 scheduled for release next month.

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