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Microsoft already announced the features that would come in the next big feature update to the Xbox One gaming consoles. It is codenamed Redstone 4 and has a version number of 1804 which is similar to that of the next Windows 10 feature update.

A new update has rolled out to the Beta Ring for Xbox One with a version number of 1804.180305-1900. As usual, the update comes with some fixes and a lot of known issues. Since it is for the Beta ring, we cant expect an update without any known issues.

These are the bug fixes that came with the update:

Many bugs related to the fidelity of updates and installations of games and apps from the store were fixed.

  • Fixed the bug which prevented the transferring of content from one drive to another.
  • Previously updating or installing games/apps got interrupted when the system detected a slow network connection but failed to auto-resume when the connection gets stabilized. This bug has been fixed and auto-resume now works.
  • There was an issue which caused apps and games in the queued lists remained queued without any progress in downloading. This issue was also fixed.
  • The bug which showed “You need to free up space”  pop up without any reason is now fixed.

Fixed the bug which made an incorrect Profile color to be set when the device was turned on.

When a UHD disc was used to play content in 4K HDR mode, there was an issue with the RGB colors. This bug has been fixed.

These are the known issues of the update:

  • It may take a lot of time to open Languages and Location page in Settings. Currently, there is no workaround for this but it is not much of an issue.
  • People who use Pi-Hole may face problems while signing into their accounts. There is a workaround for this issue which is to add to the IP address list provided by Pi-hole.
  • Users of Spatial Audio feature will face surprising changes in Game volume.
  • The Mono Output feature is not working. Microsoft is working on a fix to this issue.
  • Users of Dolby Atmos Home Theatre will experience sound cutouts. The only workaround is to set another audio format.
  • There is an issue with volume with HDMI being lower for TV and some multimedia apps. The workaround is to Start the music, play it in the background and then open audio settings to change the volume to 50% instead of 0%.
  • Some UI elements in the Now TV app tends to dissapear during playback of a content.
  • Some users of the Plex app are facing longer buffering times. The workaround is to minimize the Plex app and then open it. This will continue the playback.
  • Netflix app has been crashing for some users. The Netflix team is working on an update so the workaround is to download the update as soon as it arrives.
  • Netflix will not support 1440p content if it is used on an LCD monitor. The workaround is to set the display output at 1080p.
  • Some users are facing random shutdowns when turning on the console. The workaround is to turn it on again.
  • Users of the Vudu app are not able to play 4K content.
  • Sometimes the Virtual Keyboard will close itself when an input is given. The only workaround is to use a wired/wireless keyboard.
  • Microsoft advice users who are not able to run some games in HDR to give feedback containing information about their TV.
  • The search function is not working in the Spotify app for some users.
  • The Microsoft Store app fails to update for some users.
  • Automatic discovery over Wi-Fi is not working properly.
  • Some users are facing issues while assigning various controller configurations in the Xbox Accessory app.

It is advised to go through the list before installing the update. In case you installed it, provide feedback whenever you face an issue so that the investigation will be easier.

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