Google Chrome
Image Courtesy: Lifewire

Google is currently working on adding some great support for its Chrome browser for Windows 10 users. The company is currently internally testing native notification support for Windows 10 users in the Chrome browser.

The company has not given an time frame as to when the support will be made available to users since this feature was being worked on by the company from last three years. The company is working on bringing support for inline replies, images and more to the Chrome Browser.

The Windows 10 users were expected to receive the native notification support feature with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update but was delayed as the implementation was not found suitable for public use.

As reported currently there is no time frame given as to when the native notification support will be made available for Windows 10 users. There is also a question mark if the Windows 8.1 users with Google Chrome be able to use this feature once its rolled out to public users.

We would need to wait and see if Google releases the feature to users both on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 or will it be released exclusively for Windows 10 users. Windows 7 users with the Chrome Browser installed on their PCs will not be getting the native notification feature and will have to continue using the browser’s inbuilt implementation as has been already announced earlier.