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Ever since Google has enabled Android apps to be run on Chrome OS it looks like Google is going ahead with Chrome OS as a preferred option when compared to Android for large screen hardware like the recently launched Pixelbook. Since Chrome OS is based on Chrome browser there are many development taking place on Chrome browser to make it more touch friendly. We had seen last year that Google introduced its material design into the Chrome browser.

And now we have information that suggests that Google is also working on making the Chrome browser more touch-friendly because Pixelbook has a touchscreen also. Since last year Google has been working on it with a project named “touchable chrome” and as a part of this project, XDA developers have found a new chrome flag in the browser. On enabling the ” UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS ” flag size of the tab bar on top increases but the settings menu still remains same.

You can see a difference in size of the new tab bar and the cross button on the tabs:

Google Chrome

This flag is currently disabled for all desktop devices but you can test it out yourself by visiting the “chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md” flag on chrome browser and selecting “Touch” in the drop-down menu of the flag.

Out of the Big Three, Microsoft was the first to go with touch-optimized desktop apps. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft also adapted their apps for touch-enabled devices. But they did it a too much on Windows 8 which lead Microsoft to go ahead with a “Touch Mode” in Windows 10 OS. Google and Apple have been shying away from enabling their desktop apps more touch friendly.

But now it looks as if after launching their own touch-enabled Pixelbook, Google is finally going to adopt chrome browser for touchscreen devices. While at this moment Apple still looks to be staying with non-touch enabled desktop devices. We can now finally say that at least this time Google is in agreement with Microsoft vision of having touch-enabled desktop PC and convertibles.

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