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US Air Force is reportedly planning to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10. As the end of support for older Windows versions is approaching, the Air Force is making their move to a more secure version of Windows.

The Air Force has a deadline for the process to get it done. By the end of March 2018, all the PCs will be upgraded to Windows 10. “Windows 10 is not compatible with many systems currently in the Air Force inventory, resulting in the need to replace a significant number of computer hardware,” the Air Force said.

Windows 10 will provide them better security and will be eligible to receive all the emergency patches that Microsoft rolls out. However, it will not be easy to update all PCs as it might require some hardware upgrade. The US Air Force will make the groundwork first as Windows 10 does not support all the necessary driver of their requirement.

Lt. Col. Brian Snyder, Windows 10 lead action officer, said: “The Windows 10 migration is critical to Air Force readiness.” He further added “It introduces a number of new security features; making it the most secure Windows version to date. Additionally, base and organizational leadership must ensure communication/cyber squadrons are provided all the support and availability necessary to guarantee success.”

Microsoft made a lot of effort to increase the success ratio while upgrading any PC to Windows 10. No matter how poor success rate is, all the computers have to be upgraded within 31st March. Non-Windows 10 PCs will not have any sort of access to the network.

Bill Marion, deputy chief, information dominance and deputy chief information officer says, “the long-term benefit is not just about defending the Air Force against the cyber threat, but having a reliable and capable computer to accomplish the mission.”

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