Windows 8 was Microsoft’s first attempt at bringing mobile functionality to Windows PC. Ever since its release the company was trying several things. Some of them worked and some did not. Convincing developers was one of the challenges the company faced ever since the Windows store marked its debut. The challenge still exists even today. Although it is making progress but slower than ever. Whether Microsoft finds it difficult in convincing devs to make apps in the store or devs are just ignoring Windows PCs is hard to tell. But Microsoft, on the other hand, making their ways to make Windows Store (now Microsoft Store ) a better and secure place for the consumer.

Microsoft is updating its evaluation criteria. If this seems not so familiar, let me clear it for you! In layman’s term, The Company will make sure that no Third party devs ever can put any Malware or unwanted programmes in the Store. According to the company, there are quite a few apps that do harm to the end users.

Here is the updated criteria:

If you are not sure whether your app is making the final cut or not, you better visit Windows Defender Security Intelligence portal here.

It is worth noting that all these changes will take effect from March 1, 2018. Microsoft suggests all the devs check whether their apps are meeting all the necessary criteria or not. Needless to say that if an app does not meet the criteria, will be removed from the store.

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