Microsoft is today rolling out a new update to Outlook app for Android devices on the Google Play Store. The latest update for Outlook on Android contains some minor new features apart from the regular bug fixes and performance improvements.

With the latest update Microsoft has added the option to include a note when you are responding to any upcoming events. You will also be able to respond to the event without the organizer being notified about the response.

Microsoft has also made sure to bring some new options to its calendar with the latest update by letting users now set events on their calendar as free or busy which lets them know and plan any other events depending on their schedules.

Some of the events stored in the calendar can be viewed by other people or friends when you share the calendar with them. To maintain some privacy, Microsoft has now added a new Private option in the latest update which now helps users to mark events as private which cannot be viewed by other with whom you have shared your calendar.

The latest update also includes its usual share of bug fixes and performance improvements to the application. Microsoft in its earlier update to Outlook, allowed the Office 365 users to add and edit contacts for and allowing them to control the group settings.

The update also allowed users to create, edit, add or remove group and the members.
The latest updated version of Outlook is currently live and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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