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Microsoft’s Windows remains dominant among operating systems in the year 2017. According to the analytics by NetApplications, Windows is still on top of all but a worrying thing is that the MacOS had an increase in 2017.

MacOS had a 7.87% market share when the year started and went up to it highest of 9.05% in November but ended the year with a share of 9.02%. Whereas Microsoft had a share of 89.03% at the start and went down to the lowest of 88% in October but finally finished the year with 88.51%. Even Linux had a drop in the share, from 2.21% in January it went down to 2.12%.

Windows market share
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Seeing the analytics, it is obvious that Windows is always gonna be the preferred choice for users worldwide. Considering the price of the devices that run MacOS and limited availability of the OS, even with the increase in the share of MacOS, it is going to take time to be able to be the top OS but for now, Windows is the most preferred OS. Linux which was supposed to be the affordable alternative to the Windows was unsuccessful in gaining market share.

So with over 85% market share worldwide, it is now clear and obvious that Microsoft has nothing to worry about and will remain dominant in the year 2018 too, Windows will continue to be the top operating system for desktops.

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