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The new NetMarketShare stats show Windows 10 is still growing slowly, the new figures show little improvement in market share of the operating system after the release of Fall Creators Update. Windows 10 is still the second-most used desktop operating system, as Windows 7 holds the first position.

While we were expecting the Fall Creators Update rollout to boost the adoption, in December, the market share of Windows 10 operating system has barely improved. According to NetMarketShare new stats, Windows 10 has improved its share to 32.93% share, up by 0.98%.

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On the other hand, Windows 7 is still declining, though the market share the operating system lost last month is negligible. In the previous month, Windows 7 declined to 43.08%, down by just 0.04%. Windows XP and 8.1 dropped to 5.18% and 5.71% respectively.

As bot traffic across the web has risen dramatically, it has been a challenge to detect and remove it from our dataset. This is a critical issue since bots can cause significant skewing of data, NetMarketShare said.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system managed to reduce the gap slightly last month but still couldn’t beat Windows 7 to become the most-used desktop operating system.

Windows 10 is however expected to beat Windows 7 as Microsoft will pull support for Windows 7 in approximately 1.5 years. Microsoft is also developing another version of its operating system, projected to go live in March-April, the Redstone 4 update is expected to boost adoption of Windows 10.

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