Windows 10 Laptop PC
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Earlier this week, Microsoft began rolling out Windows 10 cumulative updates to all supported version of the operating system, as part of its Patch Tuesday cycle. While Windows 10 devices after installing the update seems to be functioning properly but it looks like the latest cumulative release for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update isn’t installing for everyone.

Many users on the Microsoft’s Community forum reports that they are getting errors when installing Windows 10 KB4054517. Basically, Windows 10 KB4054517 is not installing on all devices. For those wondering, this cumulative update advances the system to Windows 10 Build 16299.125.

“Windows 10 KB4054517 failed with an error code of 0x80070643. The only thing we’ve discovered so far is that this machine will not display our other 3 PC’s on the network when we select “Network” in File Explorer.  But all three other PC’s can “see” and access this PC no problem.  And we ran a batch backup job on the affected PC and it was able to copy files from all three other PC’s. So it’s just a display problem in File Explorer -> Network,” a user explains on the forum.

It appears that this is a widespread issue affecting all Windows 10 PCs including the flagship ones. Windows 10 cumulative update KB4054517 fails to install with error code 0x80070643. The users have explained that the common workaround Windows Update troubleshooter is not working.

Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the bug just yet but since it is a widespread issue, we can assume that Microsoft is already working on a fix.

  • Michael Stancel

    Installed for me, but tiworker.exe keeps firing up each time the laptop goes into automatic maintenance mode; I can only assume it thinks that something is missing….

    Restarting or shutting down and restarting the laptop results in the system giving me the typical ‘preparing updates’ message on startup, but otherwise, it starts normally…; ran Windows Update troubleshooter and it said that the download update database my be corrupt; decided to let it attempt to fix it, and the results screen said it was fixed, but the tiworker.exe thing keeps coming back…I can easily just ‘end task’ on it(where it will stay away until automatic maintenance starts again), and I know the kb4054517 update took, as my Windows version reads Version 1709, OS Build 16299.125…something’s definitely wrong, behind the scenes….

  • I have the error 0x800f0922 when I try to install update KB4054517.

  • templar1

    I had KB4054517 successfully install itself 4 times starting on 12/12. Then KB4058043 failed to install on 12/16 then later successfully installed. After that KB4054517 has failed to install 10 times even though it had successfully installed multiple times. Makes no sense that it installed multiple times successfully and less sense that now it keeps trying and failing. Been through all the trouble shooting and tried re-installing a new clean copy but nothing works. It takes a long time every time it tries to install then has to uninstall all the components by undoing all the changes. it is so annoying.

  • Michael Stancel

    No issues with KB4058043 installing…in fact, it installed itself while I was away from the laptop…; after my usual restart(I do it just out of caution after each update, if it doesn’t automatically restart itself, and this one didn’t), the laptop has been having normally, and my previously mentioned issues with tiworker.exe have stopped….