Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft has a lackluster history with the web browser. The company failed to impress us with their several attempts in making Internet Explorer better. In the past days, they tried hard to make IE a thing but it went as a “A Chrome downloader”. It is indeed a failure for a company who changed the computing landscape forever. Microsoft knows very well that IE is going nowhere and they have to stay relevant in this market as the whole computing experience is slowly shifting into the web. People are now less conservative about OSes, all they care about is services.

Internet Explorer is history now. Microsoft started from the scratches and made Microsoft Edge which debuted along with Windows 10 back in 2015. Ever since its release Microsoft did some small yet important improvement to its Internet Explorer replacement. Although Microsoft Edge is a pretty decent web browser now, it is way behind when its rival Google Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft will be working on edge heavily as their new SETS feature is all about the WEB. Microsoft Edge’s market share is up by 0.15% making it to 4.21% as of November, recorded by NetMarketShare. Google Chrome is still the most used desktop web browser, the market share of Chrome is 60.61%, up from 59.99%. Here is the complete breakdown of all the web browser’s market share:

Although Microsoft Edge is slowly growing there are some planning in bringing Edge to the Windows Store for quick improvement. If this ever happens it will be good for Edge team as it will no longer have to wait for an OS update to improve Edge.

  • Pablo HP

    Waiting for edge in store. And the mute tabs resource.

  • Mike Kane

    Tried Edge on Android recently and I actually like it. Just not fan of the bookmark manager. I prefer Bookmark OS

  • YeahRrright

    Still no support for Estonian ID cards in Edge…

  • Morten S. Hansen

    Edge is getting better – on PC it still freezing up occationally. works fine on the dying mobile os, lol.

  • Jack Smith

    Edge is incredible insecure and should not be used until MS fixes. At Pawned 2017 it was basically hacked at will. Penetrated over and over again. Most hacked browser. The only browser that was unhackable was Chrome but using any other browser besides Edge and you will be far more secure.

    “Microsoft’s Edge Was Most Hacked Browser At Pwn2Own 2017, While Chrome Remained Unhackable”