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It appears that Microsoft’s Skype Lite app is causing the Bluetooth phantom call bug on phones with Android operating system. The phantom call bug on Android is very weird as it works as soon as you play music over the Bluetooth connection. For example, when your phone is connected to a speaker over the Bluetooth connection, you might receive a phantom call while the dialer won’t show that the user has received a call.

As soon as the thread on the Google Issue Tracker started, the users discovered that it is the Skype Lite app which appears to be causing the issue on Android phones. To fix the  Bluetooth phantom call bug on Android, all you need to do is uninstall the Skype Lite app.

The bug is however not affecting the regular Skype, so you can remove Skype Lite for Android, and replace it with regular Skype application. Skype Lite functions just like the regular app but it works smoothly on slow-speed internet connection. Microsoft’s new app basically compresses the data, files, conversation, photos and videos to offer a lightweight experience.

While Skype Lite is at fault, the issue should be addressed by Google as a loophole still exists in Android. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the speculations yet but the company might soon update the application with the fix for Bluetooth phantom call bug, for now, you can download the regular Skype app from the below link.

Download Skype for Android.

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