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Facebook today released a new update for its Messenger Beta application for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. The update comes after a very long time to the Beta version of the Messenger application. The update bumps the app to new version 139.1213.34847.0.

The latest update brings some new UI changes along with other additional features to the Messenger Beta application. The latest update improves the alignment on the search bar by moving the text in the center. The Home page now has two new tabs namely “Messages” and “Active”. The Active section lets you know the friends or family members who are currently active or online to chat on Messenger.

The Emoticons menu has now been moved below from the earlier pop up menu which appeared on top in the chat.  Name changes have been made to the Photos, videos and emoji section with them now being renamed as “Photos” and “Multimedia Content”.

The Messenger team has however removed the emoji section from the menu. The update also comes with the usual set of bug fixes and performance improvements to the application. The latest Messenger Update is only available for download on Windows 10 PC and Tablets and is currently live and you can get it by clicking the below Store link.

Download Messenger Beta for Windows 10