Windows 10’s default browser Microsoft Edge market share has collapsed once again as more and more users switch to Google Chrome. The latest data from NetMarketShare has revealed that Microsoft Edge is collapsing, while we were expecting things to improve. Back in September, Microsoft Edge market share started to collapse and the same trend continued in October.

On the other hand, Google Chrome is growing as more and more users are ditching Microsoft Edge. Last month, Microsoft Edge dropped to 4.58 percent fromĀ 5.15 percent. The market share of two months (September and October) shows that Microsoft Edge has lost 1.08 percent.

Google Chrome market share has increased to 59.84 percent from 59.61 percent, Chrome is still the most-used web browser. If the trend continues, Google Chrome will surpass 60 percent market share next year.

Despite the fact Microsoft is committed to the Edge browser, it is not able to attract the users. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has however improved Microsoft Edge with new features and Fluent Design changes. In terms of look and extension security, the Edge browser is still superior to Google Chrome but it is lagging behind Chrome in the performance section.

As Microsoft has also launchedĀ the Edge browser for iOS and Android, the browser’s market share should increase. It remains to be seen whether or not the adoption rate of Microsoft Edge improves in the coming months.

  • Pablo HP

    Of course, if not even the Microsoft workers use Edge, why should we mortals?

    • I came from Chrome.

    • Jack Smith

      If people unaware what you are referring to. Microsoft employee doing a demo of Azure in front of a big audience and was using Edge. His browser kept crashing and in the middle of the presentation and with the projector still on installed Chrome and finished his demo.

      MS then uploaded the video of the demo to YouTube. Now the thing is that is NOT nearly as big of an issue as the security problems with Edge. It is incredible insecure and should be avoided. If not use Chrome just use any other browser but Edge and you will be far more secure.

  • Jack Smith

    Edge is very, very insecure and should NOT be used. At Pawned in 2017 it was basically hacked at will. Penetrated over and over and over again. Personally big fan of Chrome but if you are not then use anything but Edge and you will be far better off.

  • Besnik Rrustemi

    Soon Microsoft will be History… (if they keep going like this).
    Windows Mobile Failed
    Groove Music Followed (was expected after mobile death)
    outlook Mail Extra Subscription are temporarily (soon permanently) discontinued
    Edge Browser falling, can’t fix most of the annoying issues freezes (security is a joke here) which will follow up next.

    Microsoft ?
    Fire that Nadella already before it’s too late, or you will soon be rebranded to MicroServer/Cloud

  • Digby Green

    I’m a Firefox user, but It their website printing features are terrible. (and they don’t want to fix it)
    I don’t like the look and feel of Chrome (and Googles dominance)
    So I will try Edge.
    Maybe with Sets and Timeline coming to Windows 10, it will get a boost in users

  • Danny Lam

    How god damn stupid Microsoft is.

    There is actually a very easy way for Microsoft to recapture the browser’s market share: just provide the Edge browser for the previous versions of Windows. If you do not provide Edge for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP…… you just abandon the market opportunities and leave the chance to the other browsers. That’s simple math.

    You Microsoft still hope that users will give in and upgrade to Windows 10 eventually??!!! Get the fxxking real. Haha.