GPD Win 2

In 2016, GPD announced a pocket-sized PC with the full version of Windows 10 operating system. It was a handheld computer equipped with a keyboard and gaming controls, it was well received by both customers and reviewers, the device crowd-funded via Indiegogo and GPD finally launched it in October 2016.

As the original handheld Windows 10 device was successful, the Chinese company GPD (GamePad Digital) also started developing the successor. The concept of GPD Win 2 is almost ready and it will be launched next year, according to new rumours. The leaker claims that GPD been developing a Win 2 for a while and it is rumoured to launch in summer 2018.

Chinese device maker GPD’s new model looks a lot like the original device, however, the spec has been improved and apparently it is an upgraded version of the GPD Win. It is a pocket-sized PC with dedicated game control buttons and QWERTY keyboard. The second generation version of GPD Win also features an improved game control and keyboard layout.

Unlike the first-generation GPD Win, the new device comes with a 6-inch screen. It is slightly larger than the original device which had a 5.5-inch display. The GPD Win 2 will be powered by Intel Core M3 processor, upgraded from the original model’s Intel Atom x7 processor.

In comparison to the original model, the upgrade processor improves the performance of GPD Win. The company hasn’t officially announced as to when the Win 2 will be launched but the leaker claims that GPD is targetting summer 2018 for the new pocket-PC.

  • Tegra pokemon

    Well I love my Switch! $500 windows 10 device needed?

    • Nick Shulyak

      Sorry, mate. how much do you normally pay for one bloody Switch game??? I have huge Steam games library and even if can run most of these games in low settings on new GPD WIN 2 – it will blow Switch out of the water. Never mind emulators….

      • dmbfk

        Can’t bloody play Super Mario Odyssey on a bloody PC mate.

        • Nick Shulyak

          can you play GTA-V on the go on Switch? or other A-titles? don’t get me wrong. Switch probably will become a good console…. when Nintendo have released a good game collection for adequate prices. now it’s not much to play and games cost a small fortune. everybody is different and Switch is not my cup of tea for these reasons. however if you like it – it’s your choice. Ideally you better have both. I will probably buy Switch in the future but GPD-2 comes first. To be honest I have too many consoles at the moment and can’t justify Switch right now. Talking about Nintendo – I still have a lot of untouched games on my 3DS and buying switch would be over the top.

          • dmbfk

            Nick, you should get a switch just for Mario Odyssey it kicks everybody’s ass including yours. Somebody bought me one the other day and I can say that Mario is great. Not bothered about the lack of other games I don’t have time to play games that much anyway. As for GTA V, why would anyone want to play that on a handheld with a dogshit CPU? Far better on a desktop even if the game is 4 years old. These people playing GTA V on the pocket… ffs. you have to turn the game settings to “sucks balls” basically to get it running. Nice that it runs. Fun? No.

          • Spade115

            There is word of GtaV for switch, So maybe.