It has been a while since Microsoft confirmed that the old Windows RT devices would never receive the Windows 10 update. As a result, Surface RT owners forced to settle without the new software update. The company has already discontinued the Surface RT and Windows RT while there are still many users with an old Windows RT device.

A group of developers managed to run Windows 10 on Surface RT. Using the latest Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit, the developers received Windows 10 Redstone 3 build which could be installed on a Windows RT device.

Popularly known for his work of unlocking Secure Boot for Windows on ARM devices, Longhorn started a new project to bring Windows 10 on ARM devices. Partner developer Sam Pavlovic shared an image showing a Surface RT running the latest Windows 10 Redstone 3 build.

However, a lot of work has to be done before releasing the hack to the public. As of right now, the drivers are not compatible with the device so the WiFi or even Bluetooth wouldn’t work properly. The performance is also not smooth apparently because it lacks the GPU acceleration.

Microsoft is also working on Windows 10 for ARM devices and unlike Windows RT, the new operating system will support Win32 apps emulation. If everything goes as per the plan, the first Windows 10 ARM device will arrive later this year.

  • Pablo HP

    Good? Bad? Who Know!

  • Chad Hilton

    Please. I liked using my old RT tablet for word docs and some light browsing. But this would be a game changer.

  • Яни Атанасов

    This news is very old, and I think it’s no longer working on it. The latest information is from a year ago.

  • Joseph Abela

    we can safely say that the RT is dead and buried.
    My Surface 2 RT still looks like a new pristine devise , never the less useless, the store is non supportive, skype no video support, no updates as I said it is dead.
    I was forced to upgrade to the surface pro.

    • Mike Weiss

      what you mean by “store is non supportive”?

      • Joseph Abela

        I meant the Apps store is dead, no one is updating or developing Apps for that operating system for a long while.
        It is sad because as a light version of windows I always thought that the device was great, but if one can’t have support on the apps, it is pretty much useless.

        Unless you are happy to use it as a note book.

  • Joseph Abela

    I apologise for a late reply, I haven,t been using that devise for a long while, I had to upgrade to the Surface pro 3.
    As to the Skype, it was still working but not the Video function.