Windows 10 Build 15063.674 is available for download but not all users are able to install the cumulative update as the KB4041676 freezes during the download. Build 15063.674 is the cumulative update for Windows 10 Creators Update devices and despite being a public release the KB4041676 is not installing.

KB4041676 download freezes for some while for some users it also takes more than 4 hours to complete the installation. Indeed, this is an unexpected behaviour and something Microsoft have avoided or addressed quickly at any cost. This isn’t the first time a cumulative update for Windows caused the problem while installing but as it has been released for Creators Update, it appears to be a widespread issue.

Cumulative update basically improves Windows 10 version. The cumulative updates aren’t supposed to make major changes to the operating system, it is surprising as to how the updates failed to install. If Windows 10 KB4041676 fails to install, you can try installing it using the offline package, you download it from here.

If you will try to update the machine from Settings > Security & Updates > Windows Update, you will receive an error messages “OS couldn’t install updates” and the system reverts back to the previous version of Windows 10 without many any changes to the operating system.

However, as of right now – a few users are unable to install the update, the frustrated users reported the bug on Microsoft Community forum and Reddit. Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied the reports, we’ll learn more about the bug in the coming hours or days.

  • Robbie Rolfe

    I’m so pissed right now I don’t know what to do i hate microsoft with a burning passion right now, btw did I say I was infected also? BECAUSE I WAS microsoft you pricks windows update troubleshooter, resetting the pc, nothing WORKS AND IM PISSED!

  • Anthony D

    Download it and manually install it . Worked for me.

  • Anthony D

    Until you get hacked for not having the latest patches installed.

  • Capt Lakshmipathy Mudaliar

    I have two systems, ASUS Laptop and self-assembled desktop both running W10. After failing to update through Windows update, I downloaded KB4641676 from catalog. My desktop updated seamlessly offline but laptop failed in off line mode also. Any suggestions?

  • Windows 10 will not let you do this. I was able to delete the windows process responsible for rebooting the OS so once I did this, the most recent update installed but the OS never rebooted and it was left on as a kiosk. Unbeknownst to me, if the OS goes too long without updating and installing updates, it will cripple itself and remove you from the local admin account which means…. you can’t install the most up to date updates to get the system out of crippled mode.

    Only way around it was to re-enable the windows update restart process then run services.msc from command prompt as admin, manually start the windows update service and then run control.exe from cmd prompt as admin and then go to windows updates and run them, reboot and everything is back to normal.

    • Ahmed Hassan

      But I live in country which have a limited internet connection mode and windows 10 updates consume a lot of mega byte without any significant every month , so on this situation , I cant update windows 10 periodically and windows 10 with it’s principle is not suitable for me , by the way I’m using windows 7 before until now and windows 7 working fine and does not need periodically updates like windows 10. also windows 7 support all old machine drivers and not like windows 10 who cant define my machine drivers…