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It has been years since Microsoft promised to bring Edge web browser to the Microsoft Store (formerly known as Windows Store). The company never confirmed as to when the browser will be migrated to the Microsoft Store, it was supposed to arrive soon and since then Microsoft hasn’t revealed any details about its plan.

The Redmond giant recently announced Edge browser for Android and iOS, the browser will be available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As a result, Edge will be getting new features and improvements without upgrading the OS itself, something Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 still doesn’t support.

Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, Joe Belfiore has recently confirmed that the company is still planning to bring the Edge browser to the Windows Store and according to the previous reports, Microsoft had delayed its plan until the Redstone 4 update.

Microsoft is however still looking for ways to make the Edge browser available on the Windows Store as an app. This will allow Microsoft to update the Edge browser from the Windows Store just like apps such as Groove Music. As of right now, Microsoft Edge receives new features with every Windows 10 release unlike Google Chrome for Android.

It shouldn’t be a big deal for Microsoft as many of Windows 10 apps, such as Mail and Calendar already receives update on the Windows Store. So far Microsoft Edge has struggled, grabbing only around 5 percent of the browser market but things will change now as Microsoft is finally getting serious about the Edge browser user experience.

  • Pablo HP

    I bet everyone at Microsoft uses Chrome on the day to day.

    • Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc etc why not they release like 7-8 versions of its brower per year, Microsoft only twice a year they have hard to keep up and upgrade and make change and release new stuff faster.

      Some webpages am just need to use Chrome becouse Edge dosent support the stuff i need to do yet, and with this slow updates its gonna take forever.

      • Pablo HP

        Edge continues to maintain Internet Explorer errors. Lack of resources and resources worse than the competitor’s. Sorry Microsoft. Failed and failed ugly with the Edge and other features more.