Despite being widely promoted, Microsoft Edge is still losing its market share. When Microsoft released Windows 10, the company made it a bit difficult for the users to change the default browser and also promoted Edge browser inside the operating system. Despite all the efforts, Microsoft is actually losing the war against Google and Mozilla.

Microsoft Edge is slowly becoming as good as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but there is no sign of improvements in the usage. NetMarketShare published statistics of the web browsers market share for the month of September revealing that Microsoft Edge once again collapsed and Google Chrome is still the leading browser.

In September, with 59.61 percent market share, Google Chrome was the leading web browser on the desktop and Internet Explorer was still the second most popular web browser with 14.18 percent market share. Firefox is third with 12.85 percent, and Microsoft Edge is the fourth popular browser with just 5.15 percent market share. The combined share of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browser is 19.33 percent, it is still far behind from Google Chrome.

Both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge collapsed last month despite Microsoft is improving the browser with every new release of Windows 10. According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft Edge dropped to 5.15 percent from 5.66 percent. On the other hand, dropped from 15.58 percent, Internet Explorer now holds 14.18.

Yesterday, Microsoft officially revealed that the Edge browser is coming to Android and iOS later this year. This step should help Microsoft to increase the overall market share and as the company is working on a new mobile device, the browser should see some growth next year.

  • Pablo HP

    And where are this graphs and where are the source.

    • Jack Smith

      Just use Google and search on “NetMarketShare”. They track all of the different things like search, mobile market share, etc.

      They do use number of users so the numbers are lower for Chrome. Other trackers use the amount of traffic where Chrome has a higher amount of market share.

      This difference has been true for years. It has been thought “power users” tend to use Chrome a lot more and why when you use market share the Chrome numbers are higher than how Netmarket that does it by number of users. Grandmas or less sophisticated users might just use what comes with Windows and not realize the serious security issues with Edge and use it.

      This is what bothers me in the the people most vulnerable are the ones using Edge and that is on Microsoft.

  • Jack Smith

    Edge is extremely insecure and should be avoided and it is good to see people are avoiding. At Pawned 2017 Edge was basically hacked at will with it penetrated over and over and over again.

    Use any other browser and you will be far more secure. The only browser unhackable in the time allotted at Pawned 2017 was Chrome and what I use. But really justin any other browser besides Edge and you will be better off.

  • VFanRJ

    There are still too many sites where Edge doesn’t work.