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The instant messaging and video call service, Skype is now getting a new server side update. Skype has been updated for Windows 10 devices with one new feature which has detailed by Microsoft in a blog post.

Skype has today announced that they are going to make it easy for you to stay in touch with the family members. No matter whether you live in the same city, you will be always able to connect with your family. The new feature is actually coming to the Microsoft account that makes it easier for the family members to stay connected on Skype.

After doing the setup of Microsoft Family feature, the Microsoft account will show new settings such as such as a shared calendar and parental control. You will find all your family members in a list categorised under ‘My Family’ group chat. You can enable the feature by visiting Microsoft Account Family page.

“This new Skype feature creates a central location for everyone to send a quick message or jump on a group video call. The best part? There’s no setup required. Family members will receive a notification when the group is created, and that group will appear in everyone’s conversation history on whatever device they’re using Skype,” Microsoft said.

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