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Despite Microsoft’s Windows 10 is better than its predecessor, Windows market share has witnessed yet another collapse, while Linux adoption is on a rise. A new data published by NetMarketShare reveals that Microsoft’s Windows market share declined to 90.70 percent from 91.45 percent.

Back in April 2016, Windows witnessed the biggest drop in market share when the usage dropped to 88.77 percent from 90.45. In August 2017, Windows declined to 90.70 percent market share while it is still the most popular operating system.

On the other hand, Linux has witnessed a sharp increase in the market share. Last month, Linux market share increased to 3.37 percent from 2.53 percent. Back in May, Linux had 1.99 percent market share and the open-source platform is likely to see more improvements in the coming months.

Microsoft is preparing Windows 10 Fall Cretaors Update release for the general public. Microsoft will start rolling out the Fall Creators Update to Windows 10 on October 17. As the new update is going to bring new features such as Story Remix, we can expect Microsoft’s Windows market share to grow in the coming months.

  • 000

    is an effect of Linux on windows…so this meaning that windows 10 is more used!

    • The sats are from browser use. linux on windows is a command shell only. Yes you can run graphical apps but its not easy. So no the increase is not because of linux on windows.

      • 000

        There was methods for use linux’s graphical programs before the presentation of Linux OSs on Microsoft Store…I think that Linux lovers don’t have problems to employee this methods…normal users sure don’t switch on Linux

        • Jorge Talancon

          I disagree. More an more users are using Linux since most things you do it on your browser. So now change to Linux is pretty much the same but with better performance and with less virus risk.

          • 000

            Now, with Linux on Store is more easy use Linux and Windows at the same time, but Linux isn’t so usefull for a lot of tasks, theoretically can do evrything but his softwares aren’t integrated in the IT structures of industry and services…so I don’t think that Linux increased him market share

  • LorinT

    MS is well on their way to becoming irrelevant. The cliff edge for them comes up in 2020 when Win 7 support ceases.