Microsoft’s Windows Store over the year has been seeing a lot of junk and illegal apps after its first introduction with Windows 8. The Illegal and Junk apps provide access to pirated movies and TV Shows. These apps actually run across PCs, mobile, Xbox One and bring quick access to movies which aren’t legal to be streamed on platforms.

Apps like the “Free Movies Online” and HD Movies Online are being promoted in the company’s Trending apps section of the Windows Store which are easily discover able by the users.

Microsoft has been trying to improve its Windows Store in the past few years and the focus of the company is now to get more desktop apps in the Windows Store. The Store does not have lot of quality or a wider range of apps and hence users find it easy to actually locate the illegal or pirated apps.

The company is already aware of this issue and is currently working on fixing the illegal apps issue and provide customers with quality content and work with developers to ensure that they comply with the company’s Application Developer Agreement and Store Policies.