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Windows 10 Build 16237 is now rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. Microsoft has pushed the new Windows 10 Build 16237 with new features and improvement. With the latest update, Microsoft has improved Edge Browser, Windows Shell, Input, Handwriting and much more.

Microsoft has added the read aloud with word and line highlighting feature for all websites. The company described that the read out loud feature for the web will let users listen to the text written on any website. Not only the web pages, but you can now also read any PDF document with word and line highlighting.

Microsoft has improved Windows Shell with significant changes. Microsoft has now introduced a feature that will let you fix the blurry desktop apps after docking, undocking, or remoting issues without logging out. Microsoft noted in the blog post,” In this flight, you only have to relaunch these apps in order to have them render crisply. If you have a high DPI display (a 4K display or other high dots-per-inch (DPI) display, such as Surface displays) and change the display scaling value in any way (this can happen when you dock/undock, remote from a device with a high DPI display, or otherwise change the display scaling setting) most desktop apps become blurry. This is due to 1) the apps don’t respond to a DPI change notification because they haven’t been updated and 2) Windows keeps the display scaling/DPI data that it reports to apps constant until you log out and back in.”

Notification and Action Center improvements have been also introduced with the latest preview update. Furthermore, Microsoft has also improved the PC Gaming experience and updated UI layout, added more details like DirectX version and the physical location of your GPU.


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