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Microsoft had officially announced their new version of Windows the Windows 10 S for the education market. They announced it at their #MicorsoftEDU event in New York City in April 2017. It is the Microsoft’s direct take on the Chromebooks. Windows 10 S will allow the OEMs to build cheap laptops which would offer good performance because it allows only installing apps through Windows Store. ZDNet has taken a close look at the OS and found out the following restrictions in the OS which were not detailed by Microsoft at the launch:

  • You can’t install win32 desktop apps directly only those apps which are in the Windows store can be installed.
  • You can’t change the default browser and its search engine. But none of the popular browsers are on the Windows store.
  • Various major Windows components are also blocked on Windows 10 S like bash.exe, cdb.exe, cmd.exe, cscript.exe, msbuild.exe, ntsd.exe, powershell.exe. see all of them here.
  • You also can’t change the default apps to open different files.
  • Those driver packages which contains non-Microsoft UI components or applications can’t be installed.
  • Those store apps which uses file-system filter drivers like antivirus, disk utilities, backup program will not be available in the store.

Microsoft has recently provided Office Suite on Windows Store for Windows 10 S users. Microsoft had also announced that iTunes will be coming to store and a couple of days back Spotify also has launched their Windows Store app that was announced by Microsoft at the Windows 10 S launch event.

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