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Microsoft has brought some new Improvements to its Digital Assistant Cortana with the latest Insider Preview Build 16215. Cortana will now be able to read pictures in the Camera Roll and prompts you to create reminders with the relevant photo.

Users would need to enable permission access to access Camera Roll for Cortana by going to Settings>Cortana>Permissions & History> ” Manage the information Cortana can access from this device”. Next time Cortana will reach out to users to create a reminder for the latest photos taken via the camera app.

With the new Cortana Lasso users can actively indicate their interests without waiting for Cortana to read your pictures. To use the Cortana Lasso users would need to go to Settings>Device>Pen and Windows Ink>Press and Hold and select Cortana Lasso in the drop down menu.  Surface Pro 4 users or Surface Studio users would be able to use the feature since they would already be using a pen with a button that supports Press and Hold.