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UxStyle is a Theming app which allows users to install 3rd party unsigned themes on Windows. Lot of users who have the app installed have been complaining of unable to install the Windows 10 Creators Update.

While installing the Windows 10 Creators Update lot of users have complained of freezes and black screen and also crashes for explorer.exe. To resolve the issue the users have to do a full reset to their PC’s.

The UxStyle app consists of a system service and kernel driver loaded in the memory which is causing the issues while installing the Creators Update. The Workaround for users is to uninstall the App or Software before running the Creators Update.

If the users have already started updating the PC with the Creators Update without uninstalling the app, then the users are advised to do multiple resets or in extreme case need to reset the PC to default settings. This workaround will help users to install the Latest Windows 10 Creators Update.

Windows Latest however recommends Users to Uninstall the UxStyle app before installing the Latest Windows 10 Operating System, The Creators Update.