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Though discontinued, Windows XP still remains in the hearts and PCs of many people. Microsoft may have stopped supporting it but that doesn’t mean people will not install it on their devices anymore. Many PCs still run Windows XP and joining the party, today, is an iPhone.

Yes, you read that right. A developer has loaded Microsoft’s longest running OS on an iPhone 7 and even got it working!

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The developer made it possible by loading an emulator and running Windows XP on it. As with all emulators the performance is not smooth at all. Booting the age old OS takes more than a few minutes and touch is not snappy.

Though the performance is horrible but it’s still an impressive feat to run another OS on an iPhone. Apple locks down its hardware and software for minimum tampering and getting Windows XP running on the latest iPhone is a commendable job.

We would not recommend anyone to do it, but hey, a bit of hacking is always fun, right?

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