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A group of residents from Illinois, have filed a Class Action Status Suit against Microsoft for damages caused to their desktops by the Aggressive Windows 10 upgrade push which resulted in expense and lost of time due to non productivity.

The Complainants in the suit filed complained that Microsoft forced them to upgrade to Windows by delivering aggressive and persistent pop ups as security updates which were hard to avoid and also remove which also did not offer any option to refuse the upgrade or even block the pop ups.

The users also complained that in some cases the Windows 10 update was installed completely without their approval and that users had no option to roll back to the old OS. One of the plaintiff Stephanie Watson complained that her hard drive failed after the Windows 10 install which forced her to buy a new computer.

Another plaintiff complained on the same lines but after agreeing to the upgrade found out that his existing applications ceased working after the installation went through. Another plaintiff Mr.Howard after three attempts to download Windows 10 his computer got damaged and he had to pay to Microsoft for the repair to get his computer back to work again.

The lawsuit claims that the company had breached the warranty, product liability and the claimants have suffered loss of data and damage to their computer. Microsoft has earlier been accused of using Dark Patterns to hide options for users to decline the upgrade.

In response to the suit, Microsoft’s spokesperson had said that the Windows 10 free upgrade program was a choice for people to take advantage of the secure and productive Windows. The spokesperson also claimed that the Customers were given an option to roll back to their old Operating System within 30 days of Upgrade. Hence the company believes the plaintiffs claims are without merit”.

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