The Team

Running Windows Latest is a team effort! Our articles are written and reviewed by professional software experts, engineers and journalists.

Here’s our team who helps make this site tick.

Mayank Parmar

Mayank Parmar

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Mayank Parmar is the Editor-in-Chief and owner/founder of Mayank has been in tech journalism for more than seven years. He’s tested and written about software, computers, phones, and pretty much every type of technology you can think of, and is inordinately proud of his typing speed.

Mayank is known for his extensive coverage of Windows in the tech industry. His well-researched articles are frequently referred to by esteemed companies, such as CNN, Business Insiders, Forbes, Fortune, CBS Interactive, Microsoft and many others over the years.

Gulshan Kumar

Gulshan Kumar

Software Developer

Gulshan Kumar is a web and software developer and professional blogger at He writes about web and software-related tutorials to solve newbies’ and advanced users’ problems. On 6th Jan 2016, he was awarded a bounty of $100 by ‘Automattic, Inc’ for finding a security bug in a popular website.

Gulshan’s work has appeared on Search Engine Roundtable, Kinsta, Cloudways and many others over the years.

Akshay Waghray

Akshay Waghray

Tech journalist

Akshay Waghray is a tech journalist who’s been writing about software, hardware and apps/programs for nearly four years. After working for years at IT companies, his life moved online and remained fuelled by the latest technology and gadgets.

At, Akshay continues to write about Windows 10 and Microsoft for diverse audiences. His articles are aimed at newbies, advanced users, and business customers. Leading sites like TechRadar have referred to Akshay’s work over the years.

Simone Natalini

Simone Natalini

Tech journalist, developer

Simone’s role in is as a staff writer specializing in Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface, but he also takes on another tech like Microsoft Edge and more.

Simone has a background in IT and software engineering. His area of expertise includes software development and evaluating new codes. When not writing, he can often be found designing websites and making music.

Wyn Y


Reporter and developer

Wyn is our contributing editor. He occasionally contributes to the editorial and opinion section, and his area of interest include web development, mobile computing, engineering and designing.

At, he covers Windows 10-powered laptops, computers, and peripherals. When not writing, can often be found playing games of both the PC and mobile variety.

Wyn has a computer engineering background and is also familiar with software and web development.