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A new flag was recently spotted in Chrome that would allow users to focus on work by altering the distractions. Since Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium, it has many features that you can try in Chrome, including picture-in-picture mode and the focus mode.

Microsoft Chromium Edge also has access to the focus mode which is designed to help users fight short attention spans and focus on work. Focus mode can be enabled in Chromium Edge from the flags menu.

Focus mode flag

At the moment, it’s not known if and when Microsoft will enable the feature by default. The Focus Mode basically opens the selected tab in a new window without any distracting elements such as the tabs, menu, bookmarks, address bar and more.

It differs a lot from the fullscreen mode and offers a minimal user interface to help users focus on the selected tab.

Focus Mode in Chromium Edge

This could be a useful feature if you just want to read a particular webpage without any distraction and it may work even better with reading mode integration. Focus Mode may stop a user from random browsing sites and focus on work.

As focus mode is currently in development, users will need to wait a bit longer before learning more how focus mode will evolve.

Focus Mode in Edge

As per a Chromium commit by a Google engineer, the focus mode could soon get even better and there will be a way to control the UI look for focus mode. The commit hasn’t been approved or rejected, so there’s no way to test it.

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