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After StatCounter, web analytics firm NetMarketShare has also confirmed that Windows 10 is the most popular version of Windows out there. Windows 10 has reached the milestone more than three years it was launched and the report shows that Microsoft’s desktop OS is still growing.

Windows 10 is apparently the most used operating system and the gap would grow as Windows 7 is slowly becoming obsolete.

Microsoft has already confirmed that the company will pull support for the Windows 7 in 2020 and users will stop receiving security updates which should boost the market share of Windows 10 drastically.

Windows market share

NetMarketShare data for the December 2018 month revealed that Windows 10 market share is 39.22% and 36.90% is held by Windows 7. Windows 10 received one percent additional desktop market share in December, edging out 9-year-old Windows 7, which dropped by two percent.

Windows 7 to decline further

Windows 7 market share will decline in the coming months as more and more users or business will migrate to Windows 10 before the company ends support in 2020.

Recently, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is running on more than 700 million active devices and it’s growing. The number was well short of the original aim of having a billion users by 2018 but it could be achieved in 2019.

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