New Microsoft Photos app

Microsoft Photos, which is a free photo viewer and video editor included with Windows 10, is getting a new update with several changes. It looks like Microsoft is A/B testing some interesting changes for Photos and at the moment, the updated app is available for select users enrolled in the Photos app preview program.

First off, Microsoft Photos now supports OCR for search. OCR is a technology that basically extracts text from an image and Microsoft has been working on OCR technology for a while now.

Microsoft Photos with OCR support
Image Courtesy: Gustave M

In other words, if a photo contains a text “Hi, we’re getting things ready for you”, you can locate that photo by searching for the text written on it. If you’re required to work on scanned documents and then make a presentation out of it but you’re unable to find the scanned documents (photo), you can easily locate the photo by searching for the keyword.

The are some other noticeable UI changes including new pivots menu and general improvements.

  • 000

    wow great feature!

  • M Rankin

    works really well

    • awaid

      really sad that fbk messenger app for win10 mobile still doesnt have calling

      so by looking at the pics above you sent me live feature is still missing.

      can you please tell me what phone you use while taking screenshots ?

      i know lumia phones with 1gb ram dont have live faeature

      a clear example is of face filters the phone with 1gb ram got hang and app crashes when you use them

      but what about 2gb ram ? i have ordred lumia 930 will live feature support on L930