Microsoft rolls out new Copilot app on Windows 11, and it looks a lot like ChatGPT

Microsoft showcased multiple apps and AI features in its annual Build 2024 event. It included a revamped version of the Copilot app with a refreshed user interface, which is now rolling out to some testers in the Insider Program. However, Windows Latest noticed many design similarities between the new Copilot app and OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

At a quick glance, the app feels quite similar to ChatGPT’s UI design. The Copilot app has a left-side vertical menu like ChatGPT, where it displays past conversations. But unlike ChatGPT which has an account label at the bottom, the Copilot app places the Plugins and Notebook option in the bottom half.

The Copilot app is fully undockable now and doesn’t stick in a corner like before. You can resize it or use it in full-screen mode like any other app on Windows.

Apart from the refreshed design, you can drag and drop files directly into Copilot using side-by-side mode. Then, you can ask it to explain the image and refine your query by adding text prompts.

Mircosoft shared that the integration doesn’t stop here. Soon, you will see Copilot suggestions in the Settings app. It will also suggest actions in apps that reduce the need to open an app and then do a task.

For example, you will see suggestions for image editing in the Photos app, like Restyling an image, background blur, and more.

Communicate with Copilot by screen-sharing

Open AI just announced GPT-4o, which offers improved text, vision, and voice capabilities. A demo showed that ChatGPT powered by GPT-4o communicated in a natural-sounding voice and tone. It didn’t have a monotonous robotic voice and appeared calm and confident.

Microsoft’s demo showed a new screen-sharing feature in Copilot. You can share your PC screen with Copilot and then communicate with it using voice or any other medium. The demo showed an inexperienced gamer trying to learn crafting in Minecraft.

Copilot communicated well and guided him through the whole crafting process. It even recognized the oncoming wave of zombies and suggested the player hide somewhere. All of this communication and suggestions happened in real time, which is very different from the conventional query-response style in AI assistants like ChatGPT.

Copilot can assist you in apps and games, studying your every move and making suggestions on the fly. This is a potential use case that no one could have imagined a few months back.

Meanwhile, OpenAI released the ChatGPT app for Mac and assures that a Windows version is in the works.

But do Windows users need a ChatGPT app, when they have Copilot everywhere on their PCs? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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