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HMD to launch Four Nokia Smartphone in Q2-Q3 2017

HMD to launch Four Nokia Smartphone in Q2-Q3 2017. LG may be one of the suppliers for display of all Nokia Android Phones.
Nokia D1C Real Life Images

Nokia D1C real life images reveals fingerprint sensor and premium design

Nokia is planning to launch new smartphones early next year and the company confirmed more than three times about their plans. The company will make a Global comeback in the first half...

Nokia P series Smartphone photos leakes; could have Snapdragon 835 SoC; Ring bells?

Nokia P series Smartphone photos leakes. Device is lot looks like Lumia and device could packs Snapdragon 835 processor. Ring bells?

Check out these videos about Nokia’s iconic Rise and Fall

Once upon a time Nokia was the dominant in the Mobile market. But as all we know it crumbled very badly and now about to rise. Nokia was as dominant as Samsung...

Nokia ready to launch Android smartphone? Are you ready to buy?

Well, here's the proof if you believe that the Nokia is not ready to come back in "smartphone" market. We now have an official confirmation.

Leaked Video of the Nokia Moonraker Smartwatch Preview

When Nokia sold its Phone Division to Microsoft around 2 years ago it was working on a Smartwatch called "Moonraker" which was supposed to be launched by the Finnish Company. The Smartwatch...

Here’s the photos of upcoming Nokia Android smartphone

Nokia is about to launch new android based smartphone. Here's the leaked photos of upcoming Nokia android smartphone.

Here are some Exclusive photos of unreleased Nokia McLaren

Nokia McLaren is one of the most exciting Microsoft products that never came to be. McLaren is the first 3D touch windows phone.

Some XDA Developers got Android 6.0 to work on a Lumia 525

Looks like developers around the world are having fun with Microsoft's Lumias. But not the way they're supposed to. In fact, a developer and some friends from the XDA community have...

More live images of the Lumia McLaren surfaces online

A new real-life image of Lumia McLaren surfaced online. If you don't know, the Lumia McLaren or the Nokia Lumia 1030 was cancelled by Microsoft due to the failure of 3D...

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