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Windows 10’s Your Phone app bridges the gap between desktop and Android smartphones, allowing you to send and receive texts right from your PC. Windows 10 Your Phone app was recently updated with screen mirroring support and it looks the Redmond firm is preparing another big update for the app.

At Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 launch event, Microsoft teased a new Your Phone app feature that might soon allow you to make and receive phone calls. While Microsoft hasn’t revealed how the feature will work, it’s likely that Your Phone app should be able to bring up phone’s dialer or contact list, so you can place calls without even touching your smartphone.

The call placed via your PC will use the PC’s speakers and built-in mic. Similarly, if someone calls you on your Android handset, you’ll be able to attend the call from your PC. Microsoft says you can also reject the call right from your PC and reply with a text or voicemail.

“Later this year, we are planning to introduce the ability to make and receive mobile calls directly from your PC. Accept the call, reply with a text, or send the caller to voicemail right from your PC,” Microsoft said.

With Microsoft’s Continuum essentially defunct, the premise of Your Phone app is now simple: Leave your phone in your pocket.

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