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StatCounter report claims that the market share of Windows 10 has increased to 50.07 percent from 48.19. Windows 7 dropped to 37.2 from 38.65 percent in the month of September.

Windows 10 StatCounter share

On the other hand, the latest report from NetMarketShare reveals that the market share of Windows 10 has dropped a bit and Windows 7 has jumped. Both NetMarketShare and StatCounter uses a different algorithm to analyze the market share of the operating systems.

According to NetMarketShare, the market share of Windows 7 increased from 40.27% in August to 40.88% in September. On the other hand, Windows 10 dropped from 37.80% to 37.44% in NetMarketShare’s latest report.

Windows 7 Netmarketshare

It’s a minor drop and the market share of Windows 10 is likely to jump a lot in the coming months as we approach the end of support date of Windows 7.

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