Windows 10 wallpaper

Microsoft has released another set of wallpapers for Windows 10 and it’s available for free from the company’s app store. Microsoft has published four new wallpapers for Windows 10 and there’s also a nature-inspired wallpaper.

New wallpapers are released every month and Microsoft plans to add more wallpapers to Windows 10 in the coming days.

As you can see from the image above, these new scenic wallpapers are quite pleasing to the eyes.

To enable new wallpapers in Windows 10, download them from the Microsoft Store and head over to the Personalization UI in Settings > Personalization > Themes and enable the wallpaper that you’ve just downloaded.

You can learn more about the new wallpapers below.

Bing Fall Colors

Bing wallpaper for Windows 10
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Microsoft’s users really like the Bing search engine’s homepage image that’s automatically changed every day. Microsoft’s latest wallpaper package brings wallpapers from Bing to Windows 10.

According to Microsoft Store listing, this wallpaper package includes the colors of autumn that are painted across fields, rivers, mountains, and forests. There are 15-image wallpaper included in this package and all of these wallpapers previously appeared as a homepage image on Bing.

Microsoft notes that these images can be used as desktop wallpaper only and the sound or theme won’t be changed.

You can download this wallpaper from the Microsoft Store here.

Autumn in Sweden

Sweden wallpaper pack
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As the name suggests, the wallpaper is about the Autumn season in Sweden. These free 14-image for Windows 10 covers the canals in Gothenburg, avenues of Stockholm and autumn in Sweden.

You can download this wallpaper from the Microsoft Store here.

Call of the Raven

Raven wallpaper
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Call of the Raven is another cool wallpaper pack for your Windows 10 device. It contains ravens caw, perch, and soar. In this 15-image set, you’ll find raven in sunny days and midnights dreary.

Again you can use them as wallpaper only and it cannot be used as a theme. You can find it in the Microsoft Store here.


Cobwebs wallpaper
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This wallpaper package includes nature’s art glistens in the morning dew. There are 16-image wallpapers included for Windows 10.

You can download it from the Microsoft Store.