Skype split view

Last month, Microsoft announced that it’s now rolling out a new version of Skype for Windows desktop. The company also confirmed that the classic Windows app will be retired soon but in the meantime, the software maker is working on a new and improved replacement.

Based on the customer feedback, Microsoft has decided to support Skype classic app beyond September 1. In a forum post, Microsoft revealed that they are planning to make major changes to Skype version 8.0 that would eventually convince people to give the new app a try.

Microsoft remains committed to the following features:

  • Split window view for Skype on Windows 10, so you can see multiple chat windows at the same time
  • Changing the font size in a chat
  • Search for a message within a chat
  • Status improvements – how others see your online status
  • Privacy settings (call contact configurations) – more controls regarding who can call you
  • Making it easier to add a phone number as a contact

“While the majority of our focus is on fundamentals and missing features, we’ve started rolling out a few highly requested features. One example is call recording functionality, which has been a very common ask from work groups, as well as teachers conducting Skype in Classroom sessions,” Microsoft writes in a forum post.

  • YeahRrright

    Still kicking the dead horse… Ugh.

    • JohnW

      Skype is still widely used in business.

    • Pedro S. Marques

      1bi downloads only on android…. deadhorse? hahahahha

    • Nils

      A lot of my non-tech friends still use it as it seems to have a better performance / quality compared to FaceTime. I don’t know if thats right, but as those people are apple user, they wouldn’t even consider using something else if there weren’t any problem.

      • Hahaha Man I think FaceTime is better in Video and Audio But that’s not the point me and my friends and my office colleagues whenever they wanna call they call on whatsapp or FaceTime instead of Skype because of the poor quality of Audio and Video Call I want to jump form something else I also tried Discord which is too Good in most of the ways except File Sharing Size is only 8MB

    • Skype is still better than any other messaging and video call service. And it is improving with any new version.

      10% of my work is Skype.

      • DarklingMagick

        Spoken like someone who has never tried Discord…

        • If discord solved one problem I’m facing so are many facing which is we can only send 8mb file if they increased to even 250 I’m all up for discord