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Microsoft has just released a new update for the Windows 10 Mobile Mail app, correcting a bug that removed the “Sent from Windows 10 phone” default signature.

Microsoft last week pushed out an update for Windows 10 Mail app on Windows Phones that removed the default signature “Sent from Windows 10 phone” and replaced it with a new signature “Sent from my Windows 10 device”. Today the company has rolled out yet another update to revert the changes.

The update bumps Windows 10 Mail app version to 16006.10325.20107.0 and it comes with no other changes. The reasons are not clear yet but it’s likely that the change was an error and it has been addressed with today’s update.

Even in 2018, Windows 10 Mobile is not all that bad, live tiles and the Start screen are simply amazing, and nothing can replace them. Microsoft missed a major opportunity to build a powerful mobile operating system and instead of improving its own mobile OS, it’s building apps and services for Android and iOS.

Windows 10 Mobile is past now and Microsoft is believed to be working on something bigger and better. If the reports are to be believed, Microsoft is internally testing a dual-screen mobile device codenamed Andromeda and it could be unveiled next year.

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